There are 3 types of whitening available in our offices:

The first type of whitening available is the most economical. It is Professional Strength Crest WhiteStrips. This product is very similar to what is available for purchase at your local pharmacy, or grocery store, but it has a prescription strength concentration of whitening material which makes it 80% stronger than over the counter Crest WhiteStrips. This method will lighten your teeth 2-3 shades, but it is not a permanent option. This product will last approximately one year depending upon oral hygiene and oral habits (smoking, coffee or tea drinking).

The next type of whitening available is one of two permanent options that we offer. It involves making custom trays for your teeth which are worn every night for 2 weeks. This process will lighten your teeth 3-5 shades depending on tooth density and tooth structure. Your teeth will always be lighter than they were before you had this process started. Again, depending upon hygiene and oral habits, some dilution of the whitened result may occur.

The final type of whitening available is also permanent. It will lighten your teeth from 3-8 shades, with most people seeing a 5-8 shade improvement. This option utilizes the ZOOM whitening system which is a 45 minute comprehensive chairside whitening treatment. Ideal for a fast boost to your smile (wedding, graduation, reunion, etc.).

NOTE: Any patient interested in whitening their teeth will need to come in for a bleaching consultation appointment so that the doctor can determine if the patient is a candidate for bleaching. Some restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns, and bridges, can, depending on their location prevent whitening from being a viable option for some patients.